Millennium Award winning, classically trained violinist and violist, Meg has played with She’Koyokh since meeting the band at Klezfest in 2002. She has studied Lautareasca music with Romanian and Moldovan Gypsies, traditional Bulgarian music and the Gadulka in Gabrovo, and Ottoman Art Music in Istanbul. As a violist, she co-founded and plays Mediterranean, tango and other world and classical music with the Kosmos Ensemble. She played the fiddler’s music for the Fiddler On The Roof production that got picked for a West End run. She has performed and recorded Yiddish song with Hilda Bronstein, Jewish pop with Oi Va Voi, Greek and Turkish songs with Cigdem Aslan, Arabic vocal music with Abdul Salam Khier and Merit Ariane Stephanos, Romanian folk and Gypsy music with Monooka’s Caravan, Turkish Tango with Eylem Korkmaz,  and also performed with La Tipica Contemporary Flamenco Company, Nitin Sawnhey and Talvin Singh, as well as Greek , Armenian, Kurdish, Alevi and Persian traditional music in various groups including the Nihavent Classical Turkish Ensemble. Meg’s fiddle is like her second passport.